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We are so happy that you're interested in participating in our study and helping us create better treatments in mental health. 

The first step is going to be to sign the consent form below. 

Let's do that now!

After reading the consent form, you will be asked some questions about what you read. This is to ensure that you understand the expectations of the study and what we are asking you to participate in. 


At the end of the "quiz," you'll be asked to put your email address in.

Please make sure that this is your correct email address as this is the email we will be sending both survey links and link for payment to!  

Additionally, please note that there is a quiz at the end of the consent form. This is to ensure that you understand the study and the expectations. Please read the consent form carefully. 

Things you may want to pay attention to and take note of:

- How long the study will take you to complete

- If we can re-contact you and your privacy protection

- Payment

- Why you are being asked to participate

Benefits of participation

Please contact us directly for any and all issues you may be having at spirit.alliance@yale.edu