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We do not want to stop your experiences if you do not want to. We are not looking to stop your life experiences, especially if they are ones that you want to have. Though some of us like to have a connection to our voices, others may not have a good relationship with their voices, do not like hearing them, find them distressing, or would rather not hear them. We hope to shape therapies that help you work with your experiences, in whatever ways work for you! 


We do not mean for you to have control over your voices, visions, or sensing of things that aren't physically there. These ideas may sound similar, but there is an important difference between them. For many, voices are seen as their own energy or being; just as we would not have control over a friend or a family member, we recognize that we wouldn't have control over another being.


Our intention is to create therapies that help you learn to work with your experiences and not against them. To us, influence over your perceptual experiences means to change your response to life experiences, not the experiences themselves. For example, you may experience voices, but the voices respect your decision to only hear them at a set time every day. This is a form of having influence over our relationship with the voices, rather than controlling the voices themselves. 

To use another example, I may not be able to control how my friend or colleague acts, but I can control whether I yell at them, confront them, or ignore them. 


We are trying to help people reach a point where they can exert more influence in their lives and experiences, including voluntarily influencing their onset and offset.  

There are many different viewpoints when it comes to hearing voices or having perceptual experiences. What's most important is how each person views their experience and that those viewpoints are honored and respected. We do not believe in forcing you to think how anyone else thinks about your experiences. What we do believe in is your healing and your ability to navigate your experiences in the healthiest way possible. We are not here to "fix" you. We are here to create ways to empower you. 

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